You Can Control Your Stress For Your Mental Health

Sep 27
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Music moves us in many ways. We can use songs like this one to affect change within us.

Music moves us in many ways. Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher We can use songs like this one to affect change within us.

I enjoy listening to music. It’s a powerful therapeutic tool. Depending on the genre and the specific song, it can calm and soothe, it can energize, it can improve mood (even helping both the highs and lows of bipolar disorder), it can quiet anxiety. Granted, for me it doesn’t completely overcome moods and anxiety, but it does help me enough to carry on with what I’m doing. I have found myself carrying on quite a bit recently – to the tune of the song Carry On by the band fun. Armani It’s among my favorite songs. It’s catchy and has a great message. I would know this because I frequently have songs stuck in my head, so between my iPod and my head, I’ve heard it a lot.   In my humble opinion, the best line of the song (and there are many, many inspiring lines) is

My head is on fire, but my legs are fine

After all, they are mine

That is profound. So often in life, it does feel like our heads are on fire. Stress has a tendency to make us feel that way. The types of stressors are seemingly endless: job-related stress, relationship stress (whether those relationships be with lovers, nuclear family, extended family, friends, coworkers…), task-related stress (endless to-do lists, demanding deadlines, multiple duties that demand our attention all at once), health-related stress (both mental and physical)…. Wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to deal with one stressor at a time? Well, “nice” might not be the right description because who wants to have any negative stress at all, but it would arguably be better than the reality of stress. Tragically, we deal with multiple stressors on a daily basis. No wonder it feels as though our heads are on fire. NMD Such stress causes physical symptoms, including, but certainly not limited to, intense headaches. It also causes emotional symptoms, such as depressed mood, anxiety, racing thoughts. South Florida Bulls Jerseys Don’t forget the behavioral symptoms such as irritability, lethargy and/or hyperactivity, and inability to sleep. Yes, often our heads are on fire. Fire, though, does not have to be completely destructive and all-consuming. One task of a firefighter is containment. As unpleasant as it is for our heads to burn with stress, we have the power and control to be firefighters. As Nate Ruess and fun. AIR VAPORMAX FLYKNIT tell us through lyrics, “…my legs are fine.” We have power and control. Our heads may be on fire, but our legs are fine. That’s figurative, by the way. Even those without the use of their legs have control over their lives. We can contain our fiery stress. We can walk away. We can move in a different direction. If we have to stay where we are (in a job, for example), we can have some power over the direction we take. We can choose how we react to a negative situation. adidas X homme We can walk away and breathe and change our thoughts about what’s going on. UGG Bailey Bow We can find things to do to give ourselves a break (a five-minute walk around the block, a little break to read a few pages in a book we’re reading, an hour-long hike on the weekend, a baseball game, etc.) Your head might very well be on fire, but your “legs” are fine. You have within you the power to contain your fire. Nike Air Trainer 3 The question is not can you control it.


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