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Mental Health Awareness Month: Mental Health is for YOU! Gabe Howard (writer, advocate, and motivational speaker) and I have a lively discussion about what mental health really is and who can achieve it (hint: it’s you!). 

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Hope in a Hospital. Join me on the Wellbeing & Words Show as I interview psychiatric nurse O’Donis Person.    O’Donis shares wisdom about the nursing soul as well as nursing the soul. We talk about what psychiatric hospitals are really like, from his perspective as a nurse and mine as a former patient. Also on this episode, hear an excerpt from Leave of Absence, a novel set largely in a behavioral health hospital.

I’m Possible! with Josh Rivedal: People are Possible.

Join Josh Rivedal and me in a conversation to see just how possible you really are: Wellbeing & Words March, 2017 Show. Additionally, listen to Josh read an excerpt from his newest book, to be released in 2017, Changing Minds, Breaking Stigma, Achieving the Impossibleand hear an excerpt from the novel Twenty-Four Shadowsa novel named to Kirkus Review’s Best Books of 2016. Enjoy the following whiteboard presentation, and make your day great every day!


Pilot episode (February, 2017):

Take charge of your anxiety and your life. Tune in here for an interview with Jodi Aman, some anxiety talk, and a reading from a story. The below whiteboard presentation gives you a quick glimpse into the show. Make your day great, every day!