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It’s summer. Time for relaxing activities like picnics and relaxing with a good book. Sometimes ants try to ruin our picnic, but we don’t have to let these automatic negative thoughts take away our mental health and wellbeing. Tune in to the July Episode, Ants Can’t Ruin Your Picnic When You’re Lost in a Book, and fill your picnic basket with good stuff. (Scroll down to find the picnic image and Wellbeing & Words logo.)




Wellbeing & Words, whether the newsletter or the radio broadcast, is dedicated to helping people thrive no matter what difficulties they face. Mental illness, stress, and other problems don’t have to stop us in our tracks.

Wellbeing & Words has an intentional purpose: To empower people to

• Embrace life
• Create balance
• Benefit from mindfulness
• Experience flow
• Develop grit
• Find their passions and purpose
• Create a life worth living
• Take action

Shows will include:

• Interviews with experts in the field
• A modified book group, broadcast-style (all related to mental health)
• Resources and information
• New shows are aired each month with new topics, experts, and content

Where does the show air?

• Wellbeing & Words is part of the Storytellers Campfire platform of shows
• Storytellers Campfire partners with 27 radio stations, 16 podcast/online radio shows (10 of which are syndicated), and nine television stations
• Each month Wellbeing & Words will air in at least 10 different locations (not all of the above stations are relevant to mental health)
• Every show is also archived on the Storytellers Campfire or an affiliate website as well as on tanyajpeterson.com
• All shows are promoted and linked on social media, both Storytellers Campfire’s accounts and Tanya J. Peterson’s accounts.

Tune into Wellbeing & Words every month and/or online and, in a lively and enjoyable way, empower yourself to create a life worth living.

Download a PDF with this information

If you’re a mental health expert (there are many ways to be an expert) interested in talking with me on Wellbeing & Words, contact me at tanyajoypeterson@gmail.com.
If you’re interested in using Wellbeing & Words’ reach to spread word about your mental-health related book, products, or services, this link takes you to a PDF of options and packages. You don’t have to be a guest on the show to share what you have to offer. 


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