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My Life in a Nutshell and its characters are on an adventure. They’re touring the globe from the US to Canada to the UK to India to South Africa and generally all around the world — lucky! Well, Brian Cunningham might not define this as “lucky.” He’d likely call it anxiety-provoking and downright terrifying. The stops involve amazing people and wonderful websites and blogs. Come along!

Follow the links below to travel with My Life in a Nutshell.

June 21: My Life in a Nutshell had a burst of appearances. At first, some didn’t think they’d like this novel because it’s out of their preferred genres. See what they had to say!

July 7:  BookMark (Udita begins her previews and sneak peeks. See the video trailer.)

July 7:  Famous Five Plus (“Sometimes Insecurity Chokes and Stifles” )

July 8:  BookMark (Part of a Teaser Tuesday bookish meme/game!)

July 14:  BookMark (Udita shares the official press release for all the world to see.)

July 16:  Books with Wine and Chocolate (Anne provides a glimpse into My Life in a Nutshell.)

July 17:  BookMark  (Udita reviews My Life in a Nutshell.)

July 18:  Window on the World (Teressa posts her review.)

July 24:  BookMark (Udita interviews me about writing the novel.)

July 31:  BookMark (part two of our interview)

August 2: Literary Aficionado (Grady shares his review.)

August 7:  Word Magic (Fiona provides a peek into My Life in a Nutshell.)

August 10: Books with Wine and Chocolate (Anne reviews the novel.)

September 2: Literary, etc (I have a guest post on Jessica’s site.)

September 5:  The Canon (Ellen reviews My Life in a Nutshell.)

September 7: My Bookshelf (Shirley posts her review.)

September 10:  Suko’s Notebook (Susan reviews My Life in a Nutshell.)

September 20: Dauntless Indies (A spotlight on their website + a day of Facebook fun.)

September 21: Literary, etc (Jessica provides her review.)

November 5: The Book Fetish (Ashley posts her review.)


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