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My Young Adult novel, Losing Elizabeth, recently received Storytellers Campfire’s greatest honor, the 2015 Marble Book Award, their most prestigious Marble Award. The award is bestowed upon the author of a “book which has made a significant difference in the world.”



The Marble Book Award is bestowed upon authors of books that make a significant difference in the world.

Leave of Absence and My Life in a Nutshell: a Novel are on Book Club Reading List! I talk about the novels and my background on their website. Visit BookClubReading.com, check it out, and even arrange to have me speak with your book club!

Book Club Reading List LOA


Have a minute or two? Check out these short previews of My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel and Leave of Absence.

My Life in a Nutshell: A Novel



Leave of Absence



You can also find me on HealthyPlace’s Anxiety-Schmanxiety blog; I’m a regular cPsychCentral 2014 White, smallolumnist and have new articles every Thursday. Anxiety-Schmanxiety was selected by PsychCentral as one of the Top 10 Anxiety Blogs of 2014.











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